Substitute Service For Agents

Hi. Do you own an entertainment company or business that contracts out to other artists?

If so, this service is for you. If you have a roster of regular artists and a situation comes up that you are in need of a fill in or substitute artist for a one off gig or just a few gigs a year and i am not on your regular roster, this service is for you. Contact me for availability.

This allows you as an owner to maximize your profit and book as many bookings as humanly possible without threatening your regular roster artists with a substitute artist that will not take the regular roster artists job with you. It also encourages your regular roster artist to make themselves available as much as possible. Your business depends on this This way as an owner, you can dominate and crush your competitors business. Any gig you get a request to book and you cannot fullfill the request due to the lack of not having enough artists will cost you BIG money and the potential client will not ever call you again or refer any one to your business ever again. Can you afford that?

  *It Takes A Lifetime To Find A customer – And Only Seconds To Lose Them*

Substitute Rates:

1 Hour – $125

2 Hours – $200

3 Hours – $300

4 Hours – $425

5 Hours – $ 550

If you want to put me on your regular roster, contact me for availability and special LOWER rates. To qualify for lower agent rates, you must be able to offer me a minimum of 2 gigs a month on a regular basis.