Balloon Stuffing

Balloon stuffing is an exciting way to add something unique and fun to any occasion. Anything you can image that will fit into an 18 inch balloon can be inserted. From small stuffed animals, to small toys or action figures. Even candy or other novelty items work great. Can also be used as a Pinata. A custom package can be designed for you, based on your budget. The most basic and economical way is to stuff other balloons into the the BIG balloon. This is great for parties where  a lot of stuffed balloons will be given out to the guests. I also suggest, 1 special balloon for the guest of honor. Pricing starts at $200 for smaller events. You can also order just 1 or 2 stuffed balloons. I can also insert that special gift supplied by you. This is a great way to wrap a special gift of LOVE. Pricing is determined on the objects to be inserted and the quantity of objects needed to fill the balloon. ALL materials and inserted objects are INCLUDED in the final price. I use the same machine as shown in the video. It is high quality. I also bring an extra pump for a back up. Click on the link to watch the video: